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Born in 2017. The Poke Story team is dedicated to bringing you an encounter that will energize and invigorate your tastebuds by bringing healthy and delicious food and a unique vibrant experience. We wanted to provide an unconventional getaway from the ever so fast paced world and busy lifestyles we live today and offer a haven where happiness, hope, and
joy can bloom through our unique creations, quality food, and quality service.

We are firm believers of loving your body and what you put into it. We are dedicated to offer only the best foods and ingredients through continual research and determination. We are determined to becoming one of the best platforms of healthy foods today and take pride in our efforts of achieving that goal. We will always bring fresh, new and innovated ideas and creations for all to enjoy. 

Our taiyaki soft serve is one of the many ways we represent uniqueness and creativity. An experience that can only be felt at The Poke Story. Through love, happiness, and meaningful gatherings we hope you can start a new happy chapter of your life story with us.

Your story is our story. We are here to offer a way to create your own poke adventure. You'll start where all good stories begin -- Chapter I as you choose a bowl, burrito, or salad for your base. Personalize Chapters II and III with proteins and mix-ins, and you've just created your very own unique story with an ending that's guaranteed to be delicious. Be sure to get a taste of Colorado's very first Taiyaki soft serve for a dessert that's sure to give you the sweet ending to your story that you've been dreaming of. 

We are passionate about our craft and hope many will come to love our food.

"Choose your path, we'll create it".